Character Branding™️ Foundation VIP Package


Ready to say Goodbye to Stress and say Hello to Solutions?

A trusted brand is one of the most crucial assets in your business sustainability. If you are searching for ways to rise above the noise in an already saturated market, then you will need to distinguish yourself by discovering and amplifying your authentic Character Branding. Leveling up your business' brand means finding innovative ways to brand you - the person, the soul, the story, the genius behind the products and services. What you need is Character Branding™. Character Branding™ elevates connection with your dream audience, positions you as a builder of trust, and converts your offers into profit without the hard sell. 

This is a Foundation VIP package for one-on-one creative mastermind and Do-It-For-You design services with our distinguished Character Branding™️ Empowerment Coach and Creative Director, Erna Blooms.

This VIP package includes:

  • 4 of 2-hour Private Deep Dive Mastermind Sessions via Zoom (8 hours total)

  • Brand Logo System: a flexible system for various applications in B/W and colors and various formats for web, social media, and prints

  • Brand Positioning Story and Founder Story

  • Brand Purpose and Core Values

  • Brand Tagline

  • Character Branding™ Foundation: 5-C Process Introduction

  • Character Essence Analysis 

  • Target Audience Profile

  • Brand Guideline Packet

  • Brand Primary and Secondary Colorways for digital web and print applications

  • Print and Web Fonts

  • Brand Essence Visual Assets in Lifestyle Mood Board format

  • Branding Guideline Packet, including 3 Competitor Benchmark References

Who is This For

This VIP package is ideal for the purpose and service-driven entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to growing their meaningful influence, creating sustainable revenue, and achieving fulfilling success with their business. They might resonate with any of the following scenarios: 

• Feeling overwhelmed by a sense of "where do I begin" and "how do I communicate the essence of my business?"

• Trying to figure out a sense of place and belonging for your business in a saturated industry.

• Facing a cross path in your business or personal life? You have been doing well and feeling certain you are meant for something greater (time to leave a legacy behind).

• Aware that you need better branding but just don't have the time or bandwidth to revamp and elevate your business.

• Tried everything under the sun and moon, so far nothing has worked or inspired you, including hiring a design or marketing firm. 

• Searching for a higher fulfillment level and you have been doing what you love all these years, but lately, you are unsure about it (considering changing career, pivoting business model, or improving lifestyle). 


How This Works

Once you booked your spot, you will receive an email confirmation with your receipt. Secondly, you will receive an introduction email from our Empowerment Coach and Creative Director, Erna Blooms, within 48 hours to schedule your first 2-hour deep dive VIP mastermind session and guide your discovery and creative direction process from there. To maximize the benefits of this package, we invite you to immerse yourself into your Character Branding™ creative journey and together with us, transform your current brand vision into a legacy you'll be even prouder to share. 

What to Expect

Regardless of whether you are a solopreneur, small to the midsize business owner, or a corporation, my team and I will help you to incorporate a solid brand-building process for you and your clients. 

Imagine unlocking new perspectives and fresh ideas to propel your business forward and upward with your compelling brand story.

If you are feeling a YES to creating higher levels of impact in the way you have been doing business, and turning around your life for something even greater than you could have ever dreamed of, then look no further, I have curated this special package just for you. This proprietary process was developed after working with countless high-achieving entrepreneurs and businesses like yours. Learn my tried and tested system that actually creates shifts. Experience for yourself expansive results when you immerse in this Character Branding™ Foundation VIP Package.

If you have specific questions or would like to schedule a connection call with our Character Branding Coach, Erna Blooms, feel free to email us at or schedule a 30-min complimentary discovery call via this link.