360° Fulfilling Business and Life Integration VIP Coaching with Erna Blooms


Are you clear on how to navigate your roadmap to get to your dream lifestyle and fulfilling business? Do you feel that your business and life are running your day?
Do you want to realize the vision that is instilled in your heart but don't know how to build it? We are here to help you design your roadmap from weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, so you can simply follow our coaching plans along, and start owning your dream-come-true life. 
Are you ready to make a good change?
This package includes 4 mastermind sessions x 2 hours each to deep dive into your purpose, vision, and brand legacy. 

What We Will Do Together:

Session 1: Core Jumpstart Session
We create a safe space for you to:
  • focus on your higher goals,
  • deep dive on your purpose, core values, and priorities,
  • discuss your current challenges and uncertainties,
  • assess your mindset and resources, 
  • discover your ideal core business potentials, 
  • expand your capacity and plan your energy flow,
  • develop effective personal and business plans.

Session 2: Get Your Audience 
  • Review your accountability work from session 1
  • Deep dive into your ideal target your audience and how to engage them, 
  • Explore influence channels for your core business model,
  • Prioritize marketing strategies,
  • Build your legacy story,

Session 3: Brand You
  • Develop your Character Branding™️,
  • Explore visual cues,
  • Solidify your brand's creative direction,
  • Map out your short term and long term brand design implementation,
  • Sales pitch roleplay if needed, 

Session 4: Sustain Your Business, Enjoy Your Life
  • Build Sustainable Business/ Life Integration Model
  • Explore and set up your automated marketing strategies
  • Create your marketing material and product development graphics list
  • Design your launch timeline, action road map, and daily routine
  • Provide you with sustainability tools and implementation resources 

At the end of this program, you will gain clarity and confidence in your fulfilling business and lifestyle. We will meet in 4 sessions (2 hours per session) either within 1 month (fast track) or 2 months to match your preferred pace. You will also receive the session 1 deep dive mastermind recap at the end of the program.