Welcome to Empire Mastery Elite Circle

This intimate sacred space is designed with pure intention and love for our members of brilliant entrepreneurs like you to discover the clarity of your higher vision, elevate in your zone of genius and build better from the success you have now. We’d like to call this your 3.0 chapter. 

As you are entering this chapter, you want to feel certain in making the best decisions and taking the important actions towards realizing your big vision.You know that unforeseen challenges and internal nuances are a part of your success journey. Being resilient is necessary to embody your empowered state of mind to navigate your milestones. 

Empire Mastery is an elite circle designed for entrepreneurs to experience their needed transformation to elevate and achieve their deepest desires in business and life. If this resonates with your journey, you are invited to join us upon your successful application.

Inside This Empire Mastery Elite Circle Membership, you will receive:

  • 12 Months of Powerful Mentorship with Expert Mentors
  • Monthly 360° Business, Branding, & Personal Growth Immersive Training for Your Success Calibration & Deeper Realignment 
  • Customized Solutions to Your Burning Questions and Current Challenges to Support Your Big Business Vision and Personal Mission.
  • Energizing Space for accountability and accelerated growth to help you stay in momentum.
  • Learn to Simplify Your Daily Tasks to Amplify Your Life.
  • Empowerment Tools & Resources available only for this Elite Group.
  • Growth Partners To Celebrate Your Wins Your Way.
  • Experience a Transformed Business and Quality of Life.
  • Early Bird Access to Our Exclusive In-Person Experiences.

Join Empire Mastery Elite Circle and raise the bar of excellence in building your business empire and fulfilling life.

Sign up today for $497 per month. By signing up this month, you will be grandfathered into the price you signed up at. This price will increase in Fall 2024. You may cancel at anytime although we recommend staying for longer term to optimize your success. Book your discovery call to apply.

Empire Mastery Accelerator

For faster transformations, join Empire Mastery Accelerator Elite Circle for $5,000 per year. Book your discovery call and let's have a conversation.

Kavita Singh, Your Mentor

Transformational Coach & Innovative Business Mentor. Founder of Earth Angel Wishes, Kavita Singh Today, and Alchemy of Origins.

For over 25 years, Kavita has guided high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, & thought leaders both in the corporate environment and online community to expand their capacity and succeed in building their self-mastery, profitable businesses, and fulfilling life they’ve been dreaming of without burnout or overwhelm. 

Soul-aligned Business Expansion Strategist & Generator 

The Creator of Affluent Alchemist™ Framework & The Big Game 

Elevate Your Purpose & Impact Expert 

Builder of Capacity to Create a Reality of Abundance on Your Terms  

Empowerment & Growth Partner 

Intuitive Success Forecaster & Facilitator 

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Mom of 2 Girls

Erna Blooms, Your Mentor

Fearless Artist & Character Branding Expert. Founder of Blooming Aces Creative & Curious Morphologie.

For 22+ years experience, Erna has spearheaded and supported global brands and niche brands from conceptualizing, sourcing, designing, to launching her clients’ vision. She has also guided her clients in expanding their business and deepening their brand experiences to reach the next level of success. Her joy is helping brilliant founders realize their visions and create their dream lifestyle.

Innovative Brand Strategist & Soul-Aligned Brand Builder

The Creator of Character Branding™ Framework 

Purpose-driven Conceptual Artist

Business Development & Community Culture Specialist

Empowerment & Creative Growth Partner 

Product and Packaging Development Expert

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Unshakable Funpreneur 

Mom of 2 Girls

Empire Mastery Lounge

Want to get to know your Empire Mastery mentors? Join Empire Mastery Lounge for free and let's have a conversation about your goals, success challenges, and profitable possibilities.