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What is funpreneurship? It's fun + fulfilling entrepreneurship. Many driven individuals decide to leave their corporate career and dive into entrepreneurship, feeling confident that they can create a profitable business with their expertise, experience and/or network. Unfortunately, many soon realize that this path has led them to a rat race all over again, having to wear many hats, juggling neverending tasks, and dealing with added pressure to generate consistent revenue just to survive.

Others might have a strong growth momentum, but even after reaching their revenue goals, they find themselves burned out, lonely, and unfulfilled. Everyone has his/her own unique standard of funpreneurship. Our fun and thoughtfully curated services can help you define what that looks like to you, so you can pave the best path to fulfillment. Are you ready to get your vision and goals in motion?

  • Funpreneur™ VIP Coaching

    Being an entrepreneur is a privilege that could be overwhelming at first. What our collective experience has taught us is that entrepreneurship can be fun and fulfilling when you start the journey with an intentional mindset, profitable business model, energetically aligned strategy, and authentic character branding.

    This one-on-one VIP package is customized for entrepreneurs who need more clarity on their business/life directions and growth capacity to step into their next level of fulfilling success.

    Together, we will uncover your true sacred calling and honor your purposeful path. This package will help you skip through common entrepreneurial setbacks, feel excited to build your business, and give you the confidence to reach your full potential.


    This one-on-one VIP package Includes:

    4 x two-hour LIVE virtual sessions

    Funpreneurship Deep Dive + Mindset Coaching

    Customized Funpreneur Business Strategy + Implementation Model

    Character Branding Deep Dive + Funpreneur Personal Styling

    Dream Audience Marketing Identification + Outreach Initiative


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  • Funpreneur™ Virtual Course

    This fun virtual business school is designed with you in mind. We understand that your active lifestyle needs a flexible schedule to encourage growth at your own pace. With over 22 years of experience in the fast-paced industry, we realized there are better ways to build a fun + fulfilled entrepreneurship. We are where realistic meets optimistic with an effective implementation plan.


    This virtual course will cover:

    Funpreneurship Foundation

    Funpreneur Deep Dive + Mindset Coaching

    Funpreneur Business Framework

    Funpreneur Branding + Styling

    Funpreneur Implementation Strategy

    Resources to Jumpstart Your Funpreneurship

    COMING IN 2024

  • The Empowered Life Everyday Journey

    This virtual 30-day empowerment guide is designed to be the soul sanctuary to support active, driven individuals. Don’t let life obligations and daily tasks derail your mind to a point where you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and paralyzed. We are here for you.

    This guide was inspired by mompreneurs, caretakers, and burnt-out business owners to get the emotional support they need to bring joy back into their life and turn daily challenges into fulfilling opportunities.


    Enjoy this guiding companion for 15 relaxing minutes twice daily, anywhere and anytime in your day.

    When you do this 30-day empowerment journey, you will discover a daily flow to manage your inner peace, feel at ease and productive, as well as gain confidence and capacity in your day.

    Reclaim your joy and live empowered. Implement this 30-day routine every month all year.

    COMING IN 2024

Client Love

  • ★★★★★
    "Before my coaching session with Erna, I was feeling very unhappy with how I was spending my time and I didn't have a healthy boundary between family life and business/career life. What's worse was that it wasn't generating the consistent income I was hoping for. When I met with Erna, she asked me all the right questions that opened up my eyes. Her keen sense of vision and practical guidance was exactly what I needed to make better choices, not only in my business and career, but also how I can maximize the parts of my life that bring me joy and happiness. I've since implemented some of the plans she recommended and I find myself in a much happier state with where my life is heading now. also have a good balance between my remote working arrangement now that allows me to take care of family life and personal life. I am so grateful for Erna's coaching and wisdom. I cannot recommend her enough!"
  • ★★★★★
    "My conversation with Erna was truly extraordinary. She was able to help me gain greater clarity on my own branding identity – something I had been struggling with for months – in a short 25 minutes! We discussed my passions, the services I offer, and my overall vision. She also confirmed many of my intuitions. I am now able to articulate the reasoning behind them. Erna recognized the potential in my strengths and provided me with a supportive atmosphere where we candidly discussed about them."
  • ★★★★★
    "Erna went above and beyond to help me land a new career as a Project Manager, a role which I love. Later in my career, she believed in me as I started my entrepreneurial journey and continued to support me in my growth to serve families in the area of finance. Erna cares enough to challenge me and let me know what I need to hear so I can elevate myself to new heights. One of Erna's greatest gifts is to empower others to discover their unique strengths, and place them in a better position in life. She and her BA team honor each person's authenticity and guide them in their self-discovery journey to a fulfilling life."
  • Henny Vallee, Mompreneur
  • Cindy Parwono, Serasi Design
  • Erni S. Wang, Wealth + Financial Educator