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Curious Morphologie Art and Gift Collection

The Curious Morphologie collection was created by our Founder, Erna Blooms, as a way of embracing her lifelong passion for drawing and sharing her gift of imagination with the world. In each artwork, you will discover a whimsical harmony between two unexpected objects that will bring you a smile. 
Check out www.curiousmorphologie.com for the meaning behind each art concept as well as the story on how one of her art, Hedgehog Dandelion, has become her turning point in leaving her successful corporate career into an aspiring entrepreneur.

To learn more about how we can specifically help you, please schedule a discovery call via link below. We are looking forward to grow your brand to the next level!

What Our Aces Say

Effie Tanji, Founder + Owner of BodewellLiving.com, Playa Vista, CA

Erna has proven to be an incredible asset to my brand and business over several projects and project proposals. She works intuitively to bring her expertise and years of experience to each collaboration. She offers invaluable insight and articulates strategic problem solving to design challenges. Erna’s speed on urgent projects is unparalleled and without compromise. She delivers on time. Her work is exceptional. Her network seems boundless. I trust her to help grow my brand. Her instincts are spot on.

Megan Hersch, Founder of roomLift.com, Los Angeles, CA

I came to Blooming Aces for a new mailer package for my e-design “room in a box” product. Erna designed a one of a kind folder & found solutions for so many other parts of my business. Erna is incredibly thorough & she really listened to my pain points & incorporated solutions in the new packaging! l love working with Erna - she is fun, positive & really understands me and my needs. Her turn around time is very fast which is ideal for busy entrepreneurs & she always goes the extra mile. With Erna’s expertise in the branding & packaging world I know I am in good hands & I can check one more thing off my list! I can’t wait to start sending out this high-touch, amazingly elevated package that she designed for me which I know will take my brand to a whole new level.

Erika Chortani, Co-Owner of TargetRealtyGroup.com, Brooklyn, NY

Erna takes professionalism to an exceptionally different level. Professionalism is just the beginning of the diverse characteristics Erna provides with her services. The list includes quality, tasteful details, design concepts, knowledge, technicality, and great communication skills. I can say Erna is the best of the best. Within Erna's professionalism and aforementioned descriptions, she will always keep her humbleness and great attitude. During such time consuming & stressful project, Erna's experience and amazing work ethics made it the most pleasant and fun project we have worked on. Very thankful to have met Erna and her team.

Kimberly Demetri, Founder + Owner of WellPurOrganics.com and WellPurPets.com, Manhattan, NY

I am beyond grateful to have found Erna in every way! She is so talented, creative, kind, and patient. I knew from start out that she would be a huge asset to our brand. She has the ability to listen, understand, and execute a vision flawlessly. Her talents undoubtedly go beyond her exceptional design abilities. Erna has helped us from small projects to a huge brand redesign overhaul. She has elevated our brand from drab, to fab! I couldn’t be happier with our new look! I now consider Erna an extension of the team and a caring friend. She has an incredible spirit that is hard to come by.

Sofia Ava, Founder + Owner, MeaningfulMantras.com, CA

Working with Erna and her creative team has made the process of developing my brand exciting and fun. I'm so grateful to have worked with her, for her creativity and ability to visualize the potential of product design before it's completed makes her an excellent partner in such projects. She is a visionary, a kind soul, and incredibly dedicated to what she does. I remember multiple times she has worked very late with me to meet project deadlines and I can't express my gratitude enough for that. I can't wait to continue working with Blooming Aces.

Andre Vener, Founder + CEO, @redwhitebluezz + Doghaus.com, CA

I've worked with Erna and her team for over 5 years in building our branding and restaurant collateral. They were a great asset for my new venture at the time due to their creative expertise, work ethic and efficiency. They were extremely reliable in meeting our aggressive deadlines and was easy to work with. She was brought back in for my second venture, Dog Haus, for branding. I highly recommend Erna and Blooming Aces team.

Ana Soriano, Founder + Owner, iTrends-inc.com, CA

I have known and worked with Erna for more than 10 years and she has been a pleasure to work with. Erna is one of those people who is creative, strategic and understands how to execute a project from concept to a finished goods. She is quick and delivers quality work always on time and on budget. Erna is a tremendous asset to my business - she gets it and runs the distance with me to help my company grow! Thank you for your dedication and hard work. 

You truly are one of the best in the industry!

Michael J. Horn, Founder + CEO, Aquiesse.com, CA

I've been working with Erna for over 3 years. As we began working together, I've noticed that she is very creative and extremely thorough. Her work ethic is second to none, and she put her heart and soul into what she does. One of the most important talents she possesses is her ability to really pull my vision out of me when I’m not even clear with it. This helps bring me clarity.

I also love the person that she is. It feels nice to have her in my circle and those people are hard to come by!

Abby Mason, Author of Passionate Wellness Book and Founder + Owner, Rain4estEssentials.com, OH

I am so very blessed to have connected with Erna on my Passionate Wellness book and Rain4est Essentials Skincare projects. 

There are no words to describe the amount of gratitude I have toward her for her amazing talent on the illustrations in my book and the logo design. My appreciation is overflowing!

Loretta Veiga, Advertising Manager, CTBA, CA

Working with Erna is a pleasure; she is smart, efficient, and extremely talented, pays attention to details. The thoroughbred industry was not something she was familiar with, but she caught on to the language and needs very fast, my clients are extremely happy with the graphics. In addition to her professionalism, she is very personable and has a great disposition, she often goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done; I was very fortunate to make the connection with Erna and her team.

Mike Houston, Co-Founder, TheShowerPouch.com, CA

I've had the pleasure of working with Erna on a new packaging design project. Erna's clarity and direction for what she needs to meet and exceed my needs are best in class.  Her creative mind is exceptional.  Her depth of knowledge in design, printing, and the manufacturing process is a great asset. I look forward to continuing a strong working relationship with her and for many years to come.

Nan Matsumoto, Founder + Owner, IdeazBox, ShapesandShadown.jp, and Fab Gorgeous, Tokyo, Japan

Erna took the time to understand my vision for the brand and did a great job in capturing all the important keywords that I wanted for this illustration.

I think the brand illustration is perfect and I love it very much!!