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Jeff Leatham Home Fragrance Collection

Jeff is an American designer globally known for his artistic floral design. He was awarded the Chevalier Legion of Honour from the nation of France in 2014. Jeff Leatham is the creative director of George V Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotels in Beverly Hills and Philadelphia. His design collaborations in the world of fashion have included work with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Burberry and Cartier.
We designed his signature home fragrance collection with a packaging concept that captured his striking persona and showmanship approach in design. Launched in Holiday 2015, this fragrance collection consists of diffusers and candles in 6 single note scents, such as Voodoo Rose, Velvet Dahlia, BoisDeFigue, FleurDeNoel, Tobacco Orchid and Midnight Jasmine, which was debut at Bloomingdales in NYC.

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