Case Studies

Meaningful Mantras

Sofia Ava, the young Founder of Meaningful Mantras (former Teen Vogue model), started this self-love brand to empower women to love themselves through daily "You Are" mantras. Our CEO, Erna Blooms, first met her at Starbucks because Sofia needed a simple label design to launch her first "You Are Loved" candle. As Erna listened attentively to this inspiring lady, she felt compelled to help her hit the ground running. After the meeting, Sofia gave us the full branding project from logo redesign, fashion tags, empowerment sticker sets, iPhone and laptop stickers. Meaningful Mantras has tripled their IG followings since we first collaborated. Today, after over 2 years, we are still serving Meaningful Mantra in creating their new empowerment products that grew to self-check in notepads, personal care and candle lines. Sofia is a new entrepreneur who knows what she wants, yet very cautious on her budget. Because of her inspiring mission, we were able to meet her needs with close collaboration on the design directions by and very efficient in the approval process as well as being in sync in communicating with each other. 

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