Our Services

Brand / Product Design and Development Services

Whether you are a newbie or just looking for a refresh, we can help. Your brand’s DNA (identity) is not just about a clever logo and innovative design (though that helps), it’s the heart and soul of your business. We can EXPLORE who you are and help you avoid common mishaps along the way.

New brand launch/ revamp (2-3 months):

For most clients, this design package includes the following, but not necessarily limited to these:

  • 4 one-on-one LIVE brand immersion and coaching sessions with Erna,
  • brand story to capture your target audience, 
  • brand tagline,
  • logo and stationery design,
  • brand color ways and guideline packet,
  • brand launch map (the blueprint to strategically launch your brand roll out based on your budget and goals),
  • list of branded design elements needed for your launch; this could include your product and packaging design. 

Business / Life integration Coaching

All work and no play…yeah, it’s true what they say. Burnout is real. You have the vision, you have the drive, you have the tenacity to take your business to the next level, but do you have the perspective to realize when you have forgotten about the most important part of the equation? It’s YOU. We can SUPPORT who you are and refocus the lens to help you achieve true work/life integration.

Tools for sustainability include:

  • 4 one-on-one LIVE mastermind sessions with one of our qualified coaches,
  • recap summaries after each session,
  • action plans and accountability check-ins, 
  • supplier network list and sourcing language that you need.

Day-to-day Design Services to Support Any State of Sour Business

We totally get it, everyone's budget varies. We strive to be your empowering, long-term cheerleader. We will create a customized design retainer package that will compliment your stage of business growth. Every entrepreneur needs and deserves a reliable team to succeed. We see your worth. We can HONOR who you are and develop the tools you need for success.

Mix & Match from the following options:

  • creative direction
  • graphic design
  • product design + development
  • 3D renderings + engineering
  • packaging design + development
  • digital comps
  • motion graphics
  • video production + editing
  • photography resources
  • print ads and/or digital banners
  • copy writing and edits
  • social media curation + design
  • web design
  • book illustrations + design
  • presentation book
  • investor pitch decks
  • pre-press file support
  • project management
  • global sourcing resources