360° VIP Mastermind Day to Character Brand Your Business with Erna Blooms


Do you have a lot of questions about creating your brand or how to grow your business? You feel that you are meant for something greater and have been longing to create wonderful things to give people joy, and most importantly, make you feel proud to leave behind as your significant legacy.

Perhaps, you need a bit more clarity on how you need to pursue your great ideas but have limited resources and expertise to pull them through. You are hesitant to go for your vision due to a lack of support or facing a roadblock. 

Good news!  You are not alone, and you don't have to be. Let us help you navigate your thoughts and help you discover your breakthrough clarity along with a step-by-step action roadmap to empower you to get to your next level.

We have over 20 years of experience in launching multi-6 to 7 figure product launches for global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade New York, Pottery Barn, The Body Shop, Babyganics, and more. With this VIP day, we can support you with expert advice on your brand design, product/ packaging development (including eco-friendly packaging), marketing strategies, business solutions, sourcing as well as leadership and operational management. You can ask anything you want to build your business. 

If any of the above is resonating with you, this is the right package for you. This is a one-on-one 4-hour VIP Day (via Zoom) dedicated to you and your vision. We'd love to fast-track you to your next level by leveraging our expertise, experience, and global connections.


STEP 1: You need to purchase this package to receive a follow-up email within 24 hours to schedule your VIP day. Depending on coach Erna Blooms' availability, this VIP day will be held within 2-3 weeks and we will do our best to schedule you as soon as we can. 

STEP 2: We will email your deep-dive intake questionnaires prior to the VIP Day for our coach to review and prepare for this VIP session. You do not have to complete all answers if you choose to discuss them during the VIP session instead. However, based on our experience, having some answers to kick off the session will have you maximize your VIP day. 

STEP 3: You need to bring all of your current branding materials (if any) along with your questions to our VIP day and let's have some fun blooming you into greatness! 

STEP 4: After this session, you will receive our Character Branding Analysis along with the necessary branding/ business resources that you need to grow your business within a week after the mastermind call.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at erna@bloomingaces.com. 

We also offer cost savings when you choose our 3-month package for being committed to your growth. We honor your pace, and we are looking forward to guiding you on your successful journey.

Believing in You,

Erna Blooms, Your Character Branding Coach